Blue Lakes Charters & Tours: Driver's Job Description

Drive a bus to safely transport charter customers to their destinations. Assist passengers with loading and unloading as well as their luggage.

Study and understand your route. GPS may be used but only as a secondary tool. You must understand your entire route pre-departure.

Maneuver your coach in the most comfortable and safe manner without avoidable accidents.

Regulate heat, air conditioning and ventilation for the customers comfort.

Conduct pre and post-trip inspections on the vehicle every driving day as well as the necessary paperwork and reporting practices. You will also be responsible to carry a small tool kit for use on minor repairs if they are within your abilities.

Inform your passengers of safety protocol such as remaining seated, emergency exits, etc.

Comply with all local traffic regulations in order to operate vehicles in a safe and courteous manner.

Make thorough reports of any accidents, incidents as well as passenger injury. Reporting accidents must be done according to company policy.

Keep and maintain a record of duty status in compliance with the federal regulations. This means maintaining an accurate log for every day as well as the off-duty days to ensure that you are within your hours of service guidelines.

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